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SS#19 Thran et al. (2018) Controls on the global distribution of contourite drifts

Salutation: I’m a huge fan of studies that provide a global perspective of an Earth-system phenomenon and this one, on the relationship of contourite deposits to results of oceanographic modeling, is a fantastic example. It’s very clearly written and made … Continue reading


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SS #11 Hutchinson et al. 2020, The Eocene-Oligocene transition: a review of marine and terrestrial proxy data, models and model-data comparisons

https://cp.copernicus.org/preprints/cp-2020-68/ Salutation: Comprehensive and timely review of the Eocene-Oligocene climatic/oceanographic transition. This work has been immensely helpful to our group as we finalize a manuscript from a study that’s been years in the making. What was awesome? It was helpful! … Continue reading

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